Began with traditional vegetarian recipe. Manufacture konjac foods in early period. Mushroom konjac ball has been rated with good reviews by market and customers since its first appearance.



Established the company Sheng Wey Jai Co., Ltd. Using the latest equipment and processing technique, with clean environment and top quality control system, we committed to manufacture high-standards products in all lines of our products. During processing, we kept the foods original flavor and nutrients and guarantee no artificial coloring, artificial flavor, vegetarian meat power extracts and preservatives.



In order to provide more nutritious vegetarian foods, we have been heavily invested in Brazil and set up "Sheng Wei Jai of Brazil Co., Ltd." We have professional R&D personnel and own a local ranch in researching and developing the rich taste customers prefer with high calcium and high iron dairy products.



Leading company to bring vegetarian cheese sticks from Brazil and showcased in Taipei International Food Show 1999 and highly favored by all consumers. 



Use pure and organic grain and apply national leading steam dry technology to heat grain at low temperature and create 100% pure grain powder. No sugar, starch, and artificial food flavors.



Research and Develop Korean kimchi that tastes even better than authentic Korean kimchi.



Leader in making cheese into cheese sticks by innovation and creativity, which resulted in the highest quality vegetarian cheese products.



Set office locations at Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Fujian, Zhejiang and to expand market in China and in global market.



Company name changed to Vegenice Corporation. Passed ISO22000:2005 and HACCP in December.



Attended Food & Hotel Malaysia 2010 and successfully expanded our market in Southeast Asia. 


Attended Food & Hotel Malaysia 2011 and won top 10 Innovation Award with Cheese Sticks. 


Attended Thailand International Food Exhibition 2012 and Taipei International Food Show 2012.