Grated Cheese - Removing unnecessary milk fat by using Brazil high quality concentrated skim milk reduces total caloric intake as well.
We have developed unique techniques to fry or bake the handy sliced cheese by low temperature and season with our unique flavors. Such cooking procedures create rich, aromatic and chewy grated cheese shred which contains high calcium and lots of nutrients. Resisting eating one after another is a great challenge.


Cheese & Seaweed Cracker - Fresh cheese pasted with high grade seaweed and thin-sliced almond is made by an innovative low baking temperature techniques. Cheese & Seaweed Cracker is crispy and contains multi-flavors.


Black Sesame Cake – Contain rich vitamin B complex, vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc, niacin and trace minerals. Exclusive technique to grind and refine black sesame enabling completely extraction of sesaminol triglucoside. Smooth tasting flavor and pleasing aroma leaves you feeling good.


Grain Powder - Using unique producing techniques, the organic grain retains its natural features and nutrients.


Soybean Fiber – Using non-GM (genetic modification) soybean fiber, soybean protein, wheat protein, whey protein. Freedom from MSG, preservatives and cholesterol leaves a natural flavor. Research and develoment has provided all kinds of tasty vegetarian frozen foods to meet everyone's high expectations. Eat natural, healthy, and delicious.


Soy Sauce & Seasoning – Malaysian style Nanyang flavor, combination of Chinese herbology and natural herbal spices. Offering vegan or LOHAS a simple, healthy and delicious choice. Full of warmth and aromatic Nanyang flavor that you can enjoy at home.